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Why meditate?

Good for your sleep hygiene.

Guided sleep meditation is a fantastic way to help you relax, as well as promoting a healthier relationship with sleep. Be troubled by your sleep no more!

Promotes good mental health.

Meditation is a great way to alleviate feelings of anxiety or depression. Sleep meditation for kids is also shown to have significant benefits to and help your child get to sleep, especially if they struggle at night.

Fits in around your schedule.

If you have to ask “how much sleep do I need"?”, you probably aren’t getting enough. Even just one session of meditation a week can help you get a higher quality of sleep. Listen to a sleep meditation on our YouTube channel here!


About Us

Many people are intimidated by the word 'meditation', but it doesn't have to be like this. Anyone can be 'mindful' - it all starts with you. This isn't just something for hippies or people who do yoga - this is for everyone. Everybody needs to get away from daily life and get some headspace. Welcome to Learn To Relax, the place where we focus on the most important part of a human's life - sleep. We spend (on average) up to one third of our lives sleeping, but is it always deep and relaxed? Often, we are awoken in the night, worrying about the stresses of day to day life. Here, we will learn to banish 'what ifs' and nagging thoughts by focussing on the here and now. Join me on a journey to improve the quality of your relaxation, your sleep and your life.

Learn To Relax provides free, guided mindfulness meditations for sleep - this can help with conditions like insomnia, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue or anxiety, as well as just people who struggle to get to sleep. We’ll take you on a variety of journeys and talk downs through original stories every week. There are plenty of free meditation apps out there, but we focus purely on sleep.


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“Excellent. The meditations are calming and effective.”

— Helen Tranter (via Facebook)

“I listened to [the meditations] and ever since then I’ve had really beautiful mental images of sunflowers in the back of my mind! 🌻 🌻 🌻”

— Jenny Matthews (via message)